The collective noun for a group of Wrens is “chime”. As they are sociable little birds, they are known for sharing their tiny little mossy nests and large numbers have been recorded nestling together for winter warmth!

Here at WREn, a community interest company, welcome anyone interested in natural health, mental wellbeing and organic goodies and support each other’s developing businesses and providing mutual promotion.

The aim of this collective will be to encourage the growth of interest in this healing area of Strangford Lough, promoting it as a centre of excellence and hub for natural health.

New members of The Chime are always welcome! Please get in touch if you would like to join us. Here are the members so far:

The Wild Sage: Two natives, one Irish and the other Brazillian; both a little unorthodox in how they pursue life, faith and wisdom.
Garreth is training as a medical herbalist with NIMH. Carla is an aromatherapist with many years of experience in making organic skin products. 
The Wild Sage is currently selling herbal teas by mail order, Garreth is happy to make tailor-made tinctures and tablets for pre-diagnosed conditions but will only be carrying client diagnosis to those willing to be case-studies at this stage.
Join in for the journey… Buy a tea and support this new little enterprise as we seek to create a community on the Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland.

Table Food and event catering. After several years of volunteering to cater for various events, Krystal decided to develop her passion for food and nutrition into an Event catering and Food coaching business.

In August 2018, Table was officially launched. The heart of Table is to provide ‘Inclusive Food’ that brings people together, regardless of dietary requirements. Those who have food intolerances and allergies often face unique challenges when attending social gatherings.

Krystal understands from personal experience how eating out can become overwhelming and can even feel excluding. When Table caters for an event, Krystal ensures that all guests are looked after discretely. Often times, a menu item only needs to be slightly adapted to meet special requirements.

Spouncer Ecology  Celia Spouncer and David Thompson have years of experience providing expertise in ecology survey, countryside management, professional wildlife guide services, biodiversity planning, natural landscape design local regeneration and sustainability projects and award-winning garden design. They are also known locally for their foraging walks along the shores which usually end with some very tasty cooking! Watch out for their events being shared on our facebook 😉



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